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Export to the European UnionType: Business cooperation

Export to the European Union

We offer support and cooperation for production companies, which would like to export their products to the countries of the European Union. If you have an interesting product in your portfolio and you would like to reach new customers within the...
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Kelso & CompanyType: Private Equity

Kelso & Company

Kelso is a North American-focused middle market private equity firm. Kelso was founded on the principles of partnership and alignment of interest espoused by Louis Kelso, the inventor of the Employee Stock Ownership Plan (or ESOP). Louis believed...
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IT technology for the EUTyp: Business cooperation

IT technology for the EU

We are looking for IT technology producers: software, hardware, and other components, which we can offer to customers within the European Union. If you produce interesting information technology, contact us. Together we can offer your products to...
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Import to the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and PolandType: Business cooperation

Import to the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Poland

Companies of the Czech Republic are looking for interesting business opportunities for the Czech, Slovakian, and Polish market. If you produce interesting products or offer unique services and are seeking a platform for representation in these...
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Castle HarlanType: Global Leading Private Equity Investment Firm

Castle Harlan

Global Leading Private Equity Investment Firm. Distinguished By Disciplined Focus On Investing In Control Positions In Middle Market Private Companies
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American SecuritiesType: Investment company

American Securities

Our mission is to generate superior returns by making investments in great businesses and helping existing management better them. e dedicate the time, energy, and resources to help every company achieve its full potential.
více » Internationale BusinessplattformType: Investment, Auswertung: 6-8%, Subject: Internet, business Internationale Businessplattform

Viele Unternehmen beschäftigen sich hauptsächlich mit stabilen und zuverlässigen Lieferanten oder Käufern. Eine einzigartige, internationale Plattform bietet Unternehmen aller Art, Größe und Bereiche einen Raum, in dem sie ihre Lieferanten oder...
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BridgepointType: International private equity group


Bridgepoint is a major international private equity group focused on investing in market-leading businesses, working with management teams to create and realise value within its portfolio companies.
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Olympus PartnersType: Investment company

Olympus Partners

Our Focus is Helping Companies Achieve Their True Potential. Founded in 1988, Olympus manages over $8.5 billion on behalf of corporate pension plans, public retirement systems, university endowment funds, and the executives of Olympus' portfolio...
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Ein überzeugendes Lebensmittel- und GetränkeetikettType: Investment, Auswertung: 6-8%, Subject: Food industry

Ein überzeugendes Lebensmittel- und Getränkeetikett

Die Lebensmittelbranche kann eine der profitabelsten und aufregendsten sein, wenn jedoch die Marke erfolgreich ist. Das einzigartige Konzept einer guten Lebensmittelmarke, die sich auf Getränke, Snacks und in der nächsten Phase auf ausgewählte...
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Online Lernplattform für Organisationen und EinzelpersonenType: Investment Auswertung: 6-8%, Subject: Education

Online Lernplattform für Organisationen und Einzelpersonen

Professionelle, thematische und berufliche Ausbildung, die kostengünstig, effizient und gut ist. Das ist das Ziel der neuen Online-Plattform im Bereich der Erwachsenenbildung. Es richtet sich an Firmen aus allen Branchen und deren Mitarbeiter....
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Phoenix Equity PartnersType: A leading growth-focused private equity firm

Phoenix Equity Partners

Phoenix is an independent private equity investor focused on one thing – working in partnership with ambitious entrepreneurs and management teams to help them grow their businesses. We invest in profitable businesses valued up to £200m.
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