American Securities

American Securities

Our mission is to generate superior returns by making investments in great businesses and helping existing management better them. 

We trace our origins to a family office founded in 1947. In 1994, we formalized our private equity investment activities and opened them to outside investors seeking attractive risk-adjusted rates of return with reduced risk of capital loss. 
Our investment philosophy is focused on partnership with great companies and their existing management teams, using conservative capital structures to enable stability, growth, and flexibility.


Investment philosophy

We dedicate the time, energy, and resources to help every company achieve its full potential.

  • Leading Companies
    We invest in market-leading companies with strong market share, a key determinant of the stability, defensibility and predictability of cash flow.
  • Attractive Industries
    We target companies in industries demonstrating sufficient long-term demand trends.

  • Experienced Management
    We work actively with proven managers and typically require senior management teams to make a personally meaningful equity investment alongside us and our investors. We believe that this serves to align the interests of management, investors, and American Securities.

  • Lower Leverage
    We believe that conservatively capitalizing companies mitigates the impact of potential economic or industry cycles and facilitates the generation of free cash flow for debt retirements, re-deployment toward expansion opportunities or return of capital.



American Securities
299 Park Avenue, 34th Floor
New York
NY 10171
United States

Phone: +1 (212) 476-8000
E-mail: aharsch(at)

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