Olympus Partners

Olympus Partners

Our Focus is Helping Companies Achieve Their True Potential. Founded in 1988, Olympus manages over $8.5 billion on behalf of corporate pension plans, public retirement systems, university endowment funds, and the executives of Olympus' portfolio companies. The majority of our limited partners have been investors with Olympus for decades, and Olympus Growth Fund VII, our latest offering, has committed capital of $3.0 billion.

In order to maximize the time spent working with each and every portfolio company, we limit new investments to only three or four each year. Our preferred investment size ranges from $50 million for growth capital deals to $300 million or more for buyouts. In addition to financial resources, Olympus offers several other critical benefits to help its management partners reach their goals.

Deep experience and proven track record

  • 80+ investments since 1988
  • Over 20 years of private equity experience among 10 general partners

A strong focus on growth and operational improvements

  • Olympus has never executed a leveraged recapitalization of an existing portfolio company that resulted in a leverage multiple higher than when we acquired the company

Active value-added partners with management

  • Three to five board seats per general partner

Long-term, stable LP relationships

  • The majority of the capital in Olympus’ funds are from investors who have invested in multiple funds


Every company has potential, but only a few fully realize it

At Olympus we have a simple but differentiated decision making process, grounded in this simple philosophy: Our Investment Committee meets everyday.

Critical issues are identified, discussed, ranked and investigated early and often. This forward-thinking process accelerates the discussion of deal points, resulting in: efficient use of resources, inclusive decision making, a broad range of perspectives, and most importantly, all Olympus Partners professionals "owning" every deal.

The result: Olympus Partners operates as One Firm.



Olympus Partners
Metro Center, 4th Floor
One Station Place
CT 06902
United States

Phone: +1 203-353-5900
Www: www.olympuspartners.com

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